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LindieSs is an international fashion brand for young women. We sell exclusive fashion and offer a wide variety of high quality cute clothing, luxury handbags, handcrafted bag charms and accessories, making lindiess.com the destination of luxurious sweet dreams.

We sell our own brand products through wholesale distributions, exhibitions, fashion shows, online store and web channels, delivering from our fulfillment centres in Hong Kong and China to every country in the world.

Founder Lindie started her wholesale office chains with her creative design team and hard working sales team in 2008 and in 2012 she got inpired by her YouTube Channel to create lindiess.com with support from her followers.

Here at lindiess.com We offer new items that are added to the store often ranging from clothing to accessories.

Customer service is very important for us! We will make sure you will be happy for your purchase so please feel free to send us an E-mail if there is ever any concerns.